Cost and Damage Estimate

Construction disputes can involve any number of issues relating to project management, design and construction. In
many cases, these issues can be highly technical and are not easy to calculate without depth knowledge in the field
of engineering. Hence, at CDRC we assist in determining and quantifying the damages and costs associated with these

The solution of quantifying these damages, our consultants performs a thorough evaluation of the project, including
reviews of contemporaneous project records, fact witness testimony, and key project cost and schedule data.

There are many types of damages (i.e. cost impacts) that can occur on construction projects including, but not limited
to, the following:
• Direct costs (e.g., labor, material, construction equipment, consumables, etc.)
• Indirect costs (e.g., management, warehouse, etc.)
• Extended project costs and general conditions
• Additional home office overhead costs
• Unpaid changes
• Cost escalation
• Additional costs due to labor productivity losses and inefficiencies
• Acceleration costs
• Delay damages

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