About Us

Claims, Dispute Resolution and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (hereafter in short called “CDRC”, formerly known as CDI Pvt. Ltd.), is a Company established on 2010 with a goal to tackle and provide value added service to Clients related to engineering Project Management, Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution which is a crucial for achieving a successful project objective within stipulated time, quality aspect and allocated project budget. Nepal is developing country focusing to improve its infrastructure; its annual GDP contribution in construction is 7.6% of the GDP in 2017-18 but because of poor project management the projects have often failed to achieve its objective, leading into large cost and time overruns including unresolved dispute daunting both the Employer, Contractor and Financing Agency to achieve successful project, it requires expertise on both Project and Contract Administration or Management. Hence, our focus is to provide a complete and comprehensive solution to our esteem Clients under one roof on the entire project cycle and desired assistance including project planning, bidding, project and contract administration, procurement and legal services, environmental studies, safety audits. We provide all-inclusive solution to our clients, from, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling to advising on appropriate dispute resolution mechanism to enable our valued Clients in closing the project with desired goals on the project within the stipulated time in a most cost effect manner.

Our Goals

We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality service on each project we undertake by utilizing all our resources to achieve our goal with our in-house and external consultants. We are committed to delivering excellence to contractors, employers and engineers, by maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services within the construction industry. We assist our clients in overcoming complicated construction related situations and accomplishing their project objectives through industry awareness, practical business knowledge and technology experience. We customizes services to meet each client’s particular needs in the construction management, oversight and forensic investigation of construction projects. We personally with each client throughout the duration of the project to ensure that clients meet their project goals and budgets.

We are relatively cost effective and have resulted them with successful end results to their satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Construction Cost Estimating
Cost Damage Estimate
Construction Consulting & Management
Dispute Resolution, Legal Consultation and Litigation Support
Civil/Structural Engineering
Variation Order Preperation & Negotiation
Data Management & Document Control
Construction Claims & Related Service
Environmental Health & Safety
Construction Risk Analysis & Management
Fire & Electrical Forensic Consulting
Forensic Construction Consulting
Geotechnical Engineering
Project Management
Roof Consulting

Accomplishment by our team

The vast majority of disputes that we have assisted with, have been settled through Adjudication and Arbitration,
which is a simpler, faster and more effective method to resolve problems while parties are working together.
Early resolutions allow to save significant transaction costs and Provides the ability to control the terms of settlement. We have assisted a wide range of clients on a myriad of projects related to national and international contractors. From front end planning and project management to construction claims and litigation consulting.

Since the Company’s establishment, we have been counselling and aiding Clients for various matters related to Contract in complex engineering projects such as road, building, airport, hydro power, transmission, irrigation, tunnel, waste management, solar street lamp, Solar farms. We strongly believe that for a country like Nepal to develop its infrastructure, the scope of Project Management needs to be understood well at very inception and properly implemented. When a dispute arises, whether minor or serious, it is vital to find good representation
as soon as possible. Our dedicated, experienced team offer our Clients full support and advice throughout cycle of project, preparation of claim and witness statement including in resolution of any dispute and in litigation process. Unresolved dispute can be a worrisome as well as time consuming and we understand that clients may be anxious or worked-up when they initially approach us. We will help put things in perspective, and offer an honest and realistic appraisal of a case’s possible outcome and its prospect of success. As of now, we are the only Company in Nepal who specializes in this field and has been providing such expert service to esteem clients.

CDRC consultants have successfully provided proactive and cost-effective project support in the following:

• Negotiations related to Contract Clauses
• Project Management
• Contract Management
• Variation Order Preparation and its Negotiations
• Cost and Damage Estimation
• Prepared Construction Claims in various construction matters
• Dispute Resolution in various construction matters
• Litigation Support

Nepal wide project experience